ABCD Asset Based Community Development Team

FHI -Engagement of BAME Communites
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Identify aftercare in the Lewisham Borough i.e Ladywell Unit and other mental health units, hostels etc. Liase with community outreach services in terms of helping service user recovery, positive Mental health and wellbeing.


Liaise with Lewisham Borough external organisations , non voluntary & statuary  that offer services and programmes for service users in terms of helping service user recovery, positive Mental health and wellbeing.



social engagement programs ,peer support self care programs,

digital surgeries

advocate support services.

Centre services tries to be a holistic  tool to prevent service user crisis,. The team purpose in this are is to identify service user needs with a proactive  approach to positive Mental health and wellbeing.


Attend Borough Development meetings internal  and external. Working with  agencies that update and  promote mental health and recovery strategies i.e CCG, HealthWatch, Community Connections, NHS etc in regards to amending or updating our existing organisational policies,

practice and strategies. 

 * Government  DWP Digital Strategy


Supporting people to use our services

1. Use our existing phone and face-to-face channels to signpost people to digital options and help people to use digital services where they are having difficulties

2. Ensure that digital skills are a key part of the support offered to jobseekers to help them back to work

3. Work in partnership with other government departments and organisations to increase digital skills among disadvantaged groups

4. As use of digital channels increases over time, consider how best to deliver assisted digital support

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