Asset Based Community Development (ABCD):

The ABCD has spent this quarter working with the people in zone 3 to enhance their knowledge base and to encourage them to access other services within the Borough. We have held surgeries, looking at issues on DWP and how to approach these assessments. We have signed post our members to other appropriate services and on many occasions we have had to take them to these services for support. We have done a few talks highlighting the ignorance in the community around mental health issues. The team has linked up with Fay who runs healthy eating training at the training centre at Bromley Road, to encourage our members to attend these workshops.

The team has organised 3 workshops which were

Explore the group’s understanding of Mental and Physical well-being through interactive debate participation.


 Work together to explore alternative therapies -- do they work?

Look at what we as African and African-Caribbean People can do for ourselves to keep us well.


Small workshops have been implemented to challenging old learning, behaviour and to define what methods of learning works for this current client group.


The need to look at mental health intervention, assessment, treatment and care is also ongoing and we constantly are looking at the impact of such care. The process of mapping has enabled our referral to other groups more effective.


The team have organised various trips to the museum, cinema and a general walks through the city this was to enhance their knowledge base on historical buildings in their own back yard.



We are working to continue to develop closer links with the wider community- families and individuals; to work in partnership to do with offending and resolutions; to develop concepts that can make a dent in regards to prevention work with black people and educating the wider community so that the drip-drip effect takes hold and reduces the number of people coming into the system and or not looking after ‘the self’.

Work with African and African- Caribbean people- to look at how we can get them to get more involved in the schools around mental health and the links between education, and children being expelled etc, this we are doing with Ubuntu.


Organising parenting classes, and influencing Black family’s values and direction – Working with members through partnership work to support our families to feel more confident in parenting. Many of our members have real issues in this area and it is a growing concern for the Organisation.


The team have found their work challenging and rewarding. It is important to continue to evaluate our service to ensure we are putting on things that will empower our members to have choice, and to improve their knowledge base.

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