Family Health Isis Carers Group has been running for over 15 years. In its inception it was difficult for Carers to come together to share and explore issues that were pertinent to them.  It was quickly recognised that Carers did not feel able to join a group before they had some idea that there were others like them who felt disempowered and needed Support, Information, Counselling and a Safe Environment to discuss their fears and anxieties.


Hence our philosophy is based on Black (African/African-Caribbean) psychology, which will provide a platform to share and explore issues from a Black cultural perspective. This philosophy seeks to affirm the Black person's wholeness by relocating them in their own culture.   This is done by re-education, affirmation and Endeavour. The Group is working towards supporting each individual to make informed choices.


Ultimately the purpose of the Carers group is to forge a constructive and therapeutic relationship with Carers who have love ones who have experienced mental health challenges. The group perceives each individual as a unique being with many learned skills, aptitudes, qualities and unrealised potential. The Carers seeks to enhance these through supporting people to function at their optimal level, with a service that is non-judgmental, culturally sensitive and responsive to any special needs. As part of the developing service of Family Health Isis, the Carers incorporate its underlying philosophy and values.


Carers Group -

Tues- once a month  6pm-9pm

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