Centre Services 


The Drop-In centre caters for a variety of needs and provides a sense of purpose and belonging for our members and is considered as a safe place for people with mental health difficulties to go. 

The Drop-In Centre provides a place to find some company and support, to socialise, learn new skills and take part in creative groups and other activities. Isis Drop-in centre aims to guide our members towards a more secure way of life with practical support, activities, advocacy, a hot healthy meal and access to advice and information.


The Family Health Isis Drop-In Centre aims to:


  •  Show members that they are not alone – Cultural Specific.


  •  Help develop new skills in relating to others –                Communication and  friendship


  •  Permit members to ‘open up’ and discuss their situation, feelings and get support.


  •  Give practical skills and advice – How to access            Sevices/make phone calls/use a  computer/ activities.


  • Provide new coping strategies – Support Network/Friendship Groups/advocacy & Support.


  • Offer a safe place to express ones self without the fear of being labelled because  of their Mental Health.


  •  Offer different approaches for managing –Talk Therapy/Counselling/Carers  Group/Hearing Voices Group.


  •  Strengthen motivation and build self esteem – Social Gathering/Men’s Group/Women’s Group/Art Workshop.



  •   Daily  Healthy Lunches

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