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                                    COUNSELLING SERVICES


Counselling offers the opportunity to work in a comfortable space to explore issues that may be affecting clients’ lives. It is collaboration between the client and an experienced counsellor who together can work to find effective solutions to daily challenges and difficulties. The counselling process can also offer the time and space to think about issues that clients have not been able to address on their own. It can be an opportunity to develop and gain some insight for the client and their world from different angles.


The counselling we offer is on a one to one basis held in the comfortable setting at the Manor Park Library. We also do couple counselling and will shortly be doing group counselling for individuals who we believe will benefit from sharing their experiences with others.


Clients are encouraged to establish their own needs at the start of the process, and therefore the aim of counselling is very much determined by the individual’s objectives. With an overall person-centred approach, our counsellors strive to support individual needs of the client and will underpin this support with an integrative approach which will include psychodynamic cognitive behaviour models


We aim to cater to the particular needs of our clients by ensuring that all counsellors operate from a Black political and Black thoughtful perspective.  To carry out this area of work within FHI it will not be good enough for counsellors to have Black faces but not have Black hearts and or Black comprehension of some of the oppressions and lived experiences that Black clientele may have. 


With that in mind it is imperative that the counselling workshops that operate throughout the year gives time and space for understanding and differences to be explored.  It is also important that supervisors and any managers challenges each other’s views of blackness and black experiences, as most counselling training has a very western Eurocentric  slant to its teachings.  Thus it is within the forum of the counselling workshop we endeavour to support our counselling in supporting our clients.


We hold group membership to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and are guided by its ethical framework- again this framework needs to have a ‘political Black slant to it.


Referrals to Counselling


Clients may be referred to Counselling by way of a referral form, which can originate from the client themselves, an agency working on their behalf, family or friends. It is also possible for members of Isis to be referred internally through another Isis department.


Once a referral form has been logged by the Counselling Department, an appointment will be made either by phone or letter, and a meeting set up with the Counselling Supervisors. Sometimes clients may need to be part of the waiting list while efforts are made to match them with a suitable counsellor at a time convenient to both. 

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