Befriending and Volunteering

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Isis recognises that much of the support work for people with mental health problems can be done by ordinary members of our community. It was decided that a befriending shcme would be an ideal way to


  • Raise community consciousness about mental health;

  • Create an enviroment of greater understanding and appreciation of problems face by people experiencing mental health problems and those who care for them;

  • Enable all concerned members of the community to get involved in working with people with mental health problems;

  • Provide support to people with mental health problems to help break the cycle of social isolation and loneliness frequently experienced.;


Consequently , a great deal of time has been spent developing polices and procedures to ensure that Isis volunteers are


  • Adequately trained and informed

  • Appropiately supported and supervised

  • Suitably reimbursed

  • Considered as part of the Isis Team.


We aknowlege that volunteering should be mutally beneficial process-volunteers should not just be seen as extra pairs of hands to do the work.  To ensure that volunteers are properley prepared we have devised a training programme which includes information about the Mental Health Act, Safeguarding, welfare rights, volunteer rights , roles, responsibliites  and accountablilty.

We would also endevour to make volunteer aware of any necessary Mental Health services within the Borough.

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