Mondys -Womens group - 2pm-4pm 


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                                    Women’s Group

Isis women’s Group help our members understand that they can nurture self as well as others, and receive mutual support.  Additionally, our women's group allows members to develop friendship and satisfying relationships in which such feelings as sadness, loss, and mental health issues are tolerated, understood, respected and worked with.  The group covers a range of different topics some chosen by members that reflect issues that is relevant to their needs. 



                                     Thurs  2pm - 4pm      

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                                       Hearing  Voices  

To give men women  who have these experiences an opportunity to talk freely about this together.To support anyone with these experiences seeking to understand, learn and grow from them in their own way




                Sewing Workshop - Tuesdays  2pm - 4pm

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                                     Sewing Workshop

Isis Sewing Workshop aims to support people at different stages of illness and recovery by helping them to  apply existing or newly learned sewing skills in a supportive environment. The workshop is used to help our members to communicate  overcome stress, and explore different aspects of their own personalities and abilities.



                    Social Gathering -Wednesdays 2pm-4pm

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                                   Social Gathering

Isis Social Gathering Group aims to inform and educate our members around subjects that is relevant to them weather it is on a serious note or some light-hearted entertainment such as black history quizzes.  The social gathering is a forum for all our members to get together and socialize with one another in a safe and friendly environment.  We regularly invite speakers and workshop facilitators, host quizzes, dance classes and provide other culturally uplifting activities and events. 





                         Mens Group -Thursdays 6pm-9pm

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                                             Men’s Group

Isis Men’s Group helps our members to express their needs and concerns in order to bring about change.  The group organise educational and social events which meet the needs of the members.  We promote the individual development of members through the sharing of experiences, information, skills and abilities.  The group provides a hot healthy meal for those members who didn’t attend the Drop-In.


Family Health Isis Group promote 

Healthy Eating & Exercise.


We often talk about the mind and body as though they are completely separate – but they aren't. The mind can’t function unless your body is working properly – but it also works the other way. The state of your mind affects your body.

Exercise is a magic drug for many people with depression and anxiety disorders, and it should be more widely prescribed by mental health care providers, according to researchers who analyzed the results of numerous published studies.

"Exercise can fill the gap for people who can't receive traditional therapies because of cost or lack of access, or who don't want to because of the perceived social stigma associated with these treatments," he says. "Exercise also can supplement traditional treatments, helping patients become more focused and engaged."



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